Dan Wheeler

Dan Wheeler became a serious photographer/artist in high school. He exhibited in adult venues such as the D.C. Department of Recreation Photographic Salons and won prizes in local newspaper contests. In college, he was the Chief Photographer of the Yale Daily News. He took courses in both graphic design and photography at Yale. A course in the history of architecture with Vincent Sculley inspired a series of photographs of buildings at Yale and a book on Eero Saarinen's Dulles International Airport.

Graduate school in psychology led to a career as a cognitive psychologist at the University of Cincinnati. His work led to what is now known as the Reicher-Wheeler effect. As Director of Educational Services for Kidlink, he helped that organization create an electronic dialog among a hundred thousand kids in over a hundred countries. He has also published work on the applications of chaos theory to cryptography. This career left little time for art.

Now he is back as an artist/photographer. Four of his photographs were accepted for the Photography 2002 show at the b. j. spoke gallery in Huntington, New York. The New York Times reviewer singled out Wheeler’s work for comment: "Dan Wheeler’s close-ups of architectural details . . . examine the interplay of shapes and tones."

In 2009, three of his photographs were published in Cincinnati's Historic Findlay Market by Liz Tilton.

In 2010, his photograph titled "Aging" won first place from the jury in the fine art photography competition on the http://www.dpchallenge.com/ site.

He won a Print of the Year award for 2011 at the Camera Club of Cincinnati.

In 2012, he had a photo of Findlay Market accepted into a juried show at the Westcott House as part of the FotoFocus Cincinnati events. He also had a one-person show at the Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Community. In addition, he won the Print of the Year award for 2012 at the Photography Club of Greater Cincinnati.

His current project is called Mismeasure of Woman. Dan is represented by the Mac Worthington Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.
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